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NEW: Maturity Model for Enterprise Peer Reviews

For vendors looking to take an enterprise peer reviews program to the next level, the Destrier Maturity Model for Enterprise Peer Reviews is the new north star. Developed in consultation with the review sites, the maturity model enables vendors to assess their program’s current effectiveness – and makes it simple to see what is needed to reach the next level of engagement.

What it is: A roadmap for vendors on what it takes to move further ahead – not just in constantly looking to improve rankings, but also in more deeply leveraging the growing depth of sales and marketing insight available, which ranges from buyer sentiment to the search for quotable quotes.

How to get a copy: The Maturity Model for Enterprise Peer Reviews is available immediately via a subscription model, providing access to our enterprise peer reviews research, data and expertise, including inquiries. Click here for an email contact form or here to book a call.

Peer review program management

For vendors that want to outsource all or part of their enterprise peer reviews program, Destrier can help. We provide advisory – via inquiry sessions and through workshops designed to add value for marketers, no matter how far they’re got with enterprise peer reviews so far.

We also offer program management. Let our experienced team drive results-oriented reviews – either on an ongoing basis, or as a special project – such as around a trade show or customer event, in-person or online.

Enterprise Peer Reviews: A Playbook for Vendors

Available in three packages – basic, explorer and pioneer – the playbook is the comprehensive guide to this growing space.

Providing unrivaled insights, the Playbook explains the market landscape and provides a step-by-step guide, from getting started to developing advanced plays.

It explains the importance of cleaning up your profile, insights on how to build an effective inventory of reviews, outlines how to integrate peer reviews into marketing campaigns, and shares advanced strategies such as how to weaponize reviews.

For all review sites, one thing is crucial: trust. The Playbook explores the constant trade-off between generating large volumes of reviews and ensuring they are honest and truthful, and provides insights into the steps that sites take to validate reviews.

Finally, the Playbook takes a look into the future – in a world where the use of artificial intelligence will start to influence vendor selection.

All packages include:

  • Peer Reviews Playbook  (140 slides, 13 sections) as PDF download
  • Dedicated walk-through presentation and Q&A (2 hours)
  • Free updates for 12 months

The Explorer package adds:

  • Essential database of facts and figures
  • Enhanced database detailing site-specific engagement info and policies
  • Up to five dedicated 30-minute inquiries

The Pioneer package adds:

  • Free updates for 18 months
  • A half-day workshop and vendor-specific best practice advisory with Playbook author Simon Jones