Enterprise Peer Reviews: A new trend, or just hot air?

Enterprise peer review sites like G2, Gartner Peer Insights, IT Central Station and TrustRadius are attracting venture capital investment, and building inventories running to hundreds of thousands of real-world reviews from enterprise technology buyers and users, across thousands of categories – from ad tech through to yard management.

But are these sites really influencing enterprise buyers? Which sites are the most important? How should an enterprise get started? And which department is responsible for managing these sites?

The answers to all these questions, and many more, are covered by Enterprise Peer Reviews: A Playbook for Vendors – the tech industry’s comprehensive guide to understanding and mastering enterprise peer reviews.

Are you on top of your enterprise peer reviews?

Do you need to improve your rankings? Are you keeping up with the competition? Destrier’s peer review program management for vendors can help. Whether you’re looking to clean up your profile, drive more reviews, improve your scores or outsource your entire peer reviews process, you can count on Destrier for expert support.

Which review site is best for our needs? And why?

The short answer: It depends what you’re trying to achieve. The answer for a vendor trying to their mark on a Gartner Magic Quadrant is different to that for an enterprise looking for some third-party collateral to counter a less-than-favorable ranking in a major analyst evaluation like an MQ, or a Forrester Wave.

Are all enterprise review sites equal?

As you would expect, the main enterprise review sites are all different – and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Talk to us if you are lost in the enterprise peer reviews jungle, not sure how or when to engage, which peer review sites to prioritize, or why. Our results-based process helps identify the top peer review sites aligned to your unique needs. No need to take a stab in the dark, just ask the experts.

How fast can we stand up a reviews program?

  • It’s easily possible to stand up a product or service reviews campaign in a month. You could even feature on a “quadrant” graphic – that at first glance might look similar to a Gartner Magic Quadrant (at least in terms of keeping the C-suite happy, with shiny things where the company’s logo is in the top right corner of the chart). That’s a good starting point because many enterprise buyers have been conditioned to think that the best place for a vendor to be is in the top right of any quadrant.

  • Although they may look similar, graphics like the G2 Grid and TrustRadius Trustmap are very different from the Gartner MQ.

    For example, the horizontal axis on the TrustRadius chart is “research frequency”, a world away from Gartner’s “completeness of vision”.

  • For competitive selling, review sites are a gold mine – making it easier than ever to probe a rival’s weaknesses.

    Knowledge is power: Sales teams that invest the time in reading up about their own company – and their rivals – on enterprise peer review sites have the inside track.

  • For marketers, peer review sites are a great early warning system.

    As well as highlighting the benefits of social listening in terms of the fast track to real-world customer feedback on features they love, reviews are great for giving product marketers and managers a heads-up when a solution isn’t performing – because your users will be complaining about it via reviews pretty quickly.

What’s in the Playbook? Expert insights on engaging with customers via a new channel

From sizing up the opportunity and getting started, through to expert plays, the Playbook outlines strategies and provides guidance for every step of establishing a successful, sustainable enterprise peer reviews program.

Following our guide will ensure maximum impact from the start. A successful customer engagement campaign is much more than just asking for reviews. The Playbook is your trusted guide to a successful campaign.

  • Data-Driven – Tracking the growing influence of enterprise peer review sites

  • Results-Oriented – Unrivaled insights and a step-by-step guide from getting started to developing advanced plays

  • Research-led – Backed by in-depth research, including interviews with review sites executives, enterprise vendor marketers, customer success teams and communications professionals

  • Essential guide for CMOs – The comprehensive industry guide to managing peer reviews programs